Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales writer?

Sales writer, advertising writer, copywriter… these are all synonyms. They all refer to a freelance writer who writes specifically to increase sales.

This includes ads, letters, promotional emails, and other messages designed to create a sale. It also includes related tasks such as creating media releases (to get the business owner free exposure in the media), promoting (and possibly creating) the business owner’s website, and getting traffic from Internet search engines.

As an advertising writer, everything I do is designed to increase your sales in one way or another.

Are you a writer, or a marketing consultant?

Both. Almost every project I do involves writing one or more sales messages (usually ads or some other promotional material).

However, this must be done within the context of a sales and marketing strategy. (Copywriting has even been called “salesmanship in print.”)

Thus, most of my clients ask for my input on their marketing approach as well. This is especially true for Internet marketing, which is still a young field. Few agencies or even other sales writers know much about it.

What’s the difference between a freelance sales writer and an agency?

My overhead is far lower than a typical agency, so my fees are much lower. I also specialize in Internet marketing techniques, which most agencies don’t yet know how to use properly.

What kind of assignments do you handle?

My goal is to increase your company’s profitability and image. As such, I can write your website(s), brochures, news releases, direct mail, marketing e-mails, newsletters, feature articles, informative booklets and pamphlets, white papers, catalog copy, collateral, manuals, case histories…and more.

I need a complete project. Do you offer other services such as design, illustration, photography, printing management, etc.?

I work with a network of other creative professionals that can provide you with turnkey solutions if that’s what you need. You merely tell me what you want, then you approve the writing, design, etc. as they are completed. Then sit back and take delivery–it’s that easy.

How would I work with you?

Our first meeting will be no-cost and no-obligation, to discuss your project. Afterward, I will usually provide a fixed-cost bid. You can of course hire me by the hour if you want.

Once we decide to work together, I’ll provide a letter of agreement, spelling out the details of the project: deadlines, deliverables, and so on. Also, for new clients, I will usually require one half of the fee at this time.

Early on, I’ll provide a proposed outline of the copy for your review. This ensures that I understand what you’re looking for, and that you know what you’ll receive. After we agree on the outline, I’ll complete the project.

What if I want revisions?

Once you receive the copy, you’ll have 30 days to request revisions. Two rounds of revisions are available at no extra cost, to ensure that you’re completely satisfied. (Please note that all requested changes must be in the same direction and scope as the original project.)

What will I need to provide?

In general, the more information you can provide to me, the better the project will go. Depending on your project, these are the types of materials I’ll ask for:

  • Your current brochure (if any) for the product or service
  • Ad reprints
  • Article reprints
  • Texts of speeches and presentations
  • Press releases
  • Market plans and marketing research
  • Competitor’s brochures and ads
  • Letters from customers
  • Any testimonials
  • Instruction manuals

Of course, I won’t require all of these items, but the more relevant material you can give me, the better. Don’t worry about organizing it all – I’ll take care of that.

For direct mail, add these items to the list above:

  • Your current control
  • Your competitor’s control
  • List information
  • Data cards
  • And as much information about your prospects as possible.

Sometimes clients tell me that they don’t have any materials to provide to me, because the product line is new. However, there are always materials available: your company researched the market before deciding to introduce the new product, scouted out the competition to see what they were doing, designed the product, documented the use of it, and so on. All of these activities will have created helpful material.

What will it cost me to hire you?

That depends on your project. After we discuss your needs, I’ll usually quote you a fixed-cost fee. Certain Internet projects (e.g., getting your website ranked in the search engines) are based on a monthly retainer instead.

How much time will you need?

That also depends on the project. Larger projects will of course take more time, especially if there are interviews or large amounts of research to perform.

Generally I prefer a 2-3 week turnaround time: this gives me the time to study the background material, perform interviews, and do research…ponder the best approach… submit an outline for your approval and then write, revise, and polish the copy.

Sometimes clients need a faster turnaround. We can negotiate shorter deadlines if this is what you need.

What will it be like to work with you?

You’re busy enough already – you shouldn’t have to babysit your vendors. My goal is to make your life easier by being dependable, flexible, and easy to work with. Many “creative professionals” today are all “creative” and no “professional.” I, however, am both.

Too many writers today fail to deliver on their promises. I stand firmly behind mine: you’ll get effective, persuasive sales materials, “on-target” and on-time. Every time. Contact me today!