How to Multiply Your Sales
While Shrinking Your Advertising Expenses

Imagine you wrote a sales letter that cost 50 cents to mail, but produced an average of $11 in revenue each time you mailed it to a potential customer.

Question: How many copies would you mail out?

(The obvious answer: as many as you could.)

Or imagine you had a single-page flyer. This one produced a 1,281 percent return on investment each time you mailed it.

Again, how many copies would you mail?

“The letter you wrote for me brought in $41,477 in just the first seven days alone.”

Randy Pryor
Mission Viejo, CA

Last question. Imagine you were offered a sales video for your website. Its production costs were $4,500. But it would produce $63,353.28 in sales.

Would you buy it?

I’m sure that by now, you realize these are all real examples. They’re all examples of the results I’ve obtained for my clients.

And I’d like to provide them to you, too.

More Sales, Lower Costs, Much Higher Profits

The Internet and other new media have opened up wonderful opportunities for marketing your business.

Even in a down economy, my clients are flourishing. Using these techniques gives them an unfair advantage over their competition.

And you can do this too, once you know how.

My name is Spiros. I provide sales & marketing materials that are an investment, not an expense.

Everything I’ll create for you (ads, sales letters, and even marketing videos) will have one goal: to return multiple dollars for each dollar you spend on the campaign. See some of the results my clients are experiencing.

Don’t Hire a Marketing Writer Until You Read This

You came to this site because you need marketing services of some kind.

But before you consider anybody (including me), consider this warning:

Hire a marketer who can write, not someone who writes for its own sake.

Changing one word in an ad increased its response by 20%.

Changing one letter in another ad doubled the profits it produced.

Are your ads as powerful as they could be?

Other writers and agencies will show you a nice portfolio of previous work they’ve done. I used to do this too, but not anymore.

Why? Because pretty pieces in the writer’s “book” are a distraction from the main issue: Did the writer get results for his client, or not?

If the sales piece was profitable, it was good. If it flopped, then it was bad — regardless of how pretty it looked or how “well-written” the copy had seemed to be.

That’s why I talk about results, not writing samples. Yes, I can write well (among other things, I’ve ghostwritten three books for my clients, including one published by a major New York publisher).

But I want my clients to get the results they want from their businesses. That’s the important thing.

“You are my hero, you know. I tell everyone what you did for my
Jake Hanes
Hanes Consulting and Tax Services


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